Treaty of Versailles

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Treaty of Versailles
  1. War Guilt
    1. Germany was declared entirely responsible for starting the First World War
      1. Therefore the Allies were entitled to charge Germany for all the costs of the war
    2. Military punishments
      1. Germany's army and navy were cut back
        1. Army was limited to 100 000 men and conscription was banned
          1. Conscription was banned and men joining the army had to serve for a 12 year minim
        2. The Navy could have only 6 battleships and no tanks or military planes
          1. This helped make it harder for Germany to try to start a war
            1. But also made Germany feel weak and threatened
          2. Empire Punishments
            1. Germany's territories around the world e.g. Africa were given to other world powers
              1. Britain, Australia and Japan were given territories
                1. This took away a source of income from trade as well as power
                2. Germany was forbidden to unite with Austria which was small and weak after the war
                3. Cost of War
                  1. Germany had to pay reparations money to the countries damaged by war
                    1. In total they had to pay $6 600 000 000
                      1. This put Germany in debt and caused the economy to suffer greatly
                    2. Land Punishments
                      1. Germany lost land it had captured from other countries
                        1. Alsace Lorraine and Saar was given back to France
                          1. Upper Silesia joined Poland though many voted to stay with Germany
                            1. Memel joined Lithuania
                          2. Many of the land taken was rich in resources
                            1. Taking them away took away a source of income for Germany
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