King Lear and Oedipus Rex

George Thomas
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Mind Map on King Lear and Oedipus Rex, created by George Thomas on 05/06/2014.

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George Thomas
Created by George Thomas over 5 years ago
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King Lear and Oedipus Rex
1 Sight/Blindness
1.1 Gloucester Blinding - Physical and Mental
1.2 Lear's Mental Blinding
1.3 Oedipus Blinding - Physical and Mental
2 Father/Son Relationship
2.1 Goneril and Regan are themslves compared to men on one occassion
2.2 Oedipus kills Laius as part of the myth
3 Ingratitude?
4 Tragic Protagonists
5 Young vs Old
5.1 Edmund the youth will rise
6 The Insignificant/Significant
6.1 Chorus in Oedipus
6.1.1 Greek Device
6.2 Edmund as illegitimate becomes the most dangerous
6.3 Creon by the end it seems will become most significant
6.4 Prophecies/Oracles in Oedipus
6.5 The superflouous, what you dont need, Lear learns this
6.6 Albany dominated by Regan, can change sides without anyone noticing?
7 Locations
7.1 Lear in the storm on the heath Act 3 Scene 2
8 Truth vs. Lie
8.1 Act 1 Scene 1, False Love
9 Fate vs Free Will
9.1 Governed by Fate, Lear and Cordelia will die
10 Divine Intervention
10.1 Divine Right of Kings, King is only answerable to God alone
10.2 The Great Chain of Being, power invested in King by God, if exploited leads to chaos
10.3 Act 1 Scene 2, Edmund '...all that we are evil in by a divine thrusting on'. We blame the Gods so easily if anything goes wrong
11 Service/Duty
11.1 Service to the state, Lear fails
11.2 Kent service to Lear as Caius mainly
12 Violence
12.1 King Lear is fundamentally a play, critics have sometimes deemed it unplayabe because of the extent to the violence
13 Good vs. Evil
13.1 Evil nonexistent in the Ancient World
14 Control, Lack of Control
14.1 Lear Act 3 Scene 2
14.2 Oedipus once understands
15 Healing?
15.1 The world is not healed at the end of the play 'we that are young Shall never see so much, nor live so long' Edgar
15.2 The Chorus at the end see it as a lesson to be learnt, seperate Oedipus from everyone else, hope for future?
16 Sympathy and Support for Characters
16.1 Pathos in Ancient World. The Chrous in Oedipus, Lear's lament, pathos evoked with everyones sorrow
16.2 Act 5 Scene 3 Albany: 'That is but a trifle here'
17 Justice, Lack of Justice
17.1 Fate governs Justice?
18 Dramatic Irony?
18.1 Act 1 Scene 2 Edgar: Some villain hath done me wrong
18.1.1 Act 1 Scene 2 Edmund: I am no honest man
18.2 The effect of Dramatic Irony is that it encompasses the audience into the story, for they know the truth of the situation, whereas the characters do not. In Oedipus especially, the audience are fundamentally well aware of the myth regarding Oedipus
19 Innocence
19.1 Albany; white, innocent state of Albany, especially contrasting against Goneril
20 Animal Imagery
21 Disguise
22 Madness vs Insight
22.1 Have to be mad/ go through madness to have the insight?
23 Naivety
24 Nature and the Natural World
25 Social Constructs
25.1 What defines the person, rank, clothing, birthright
25.2 The Great Chain of Being, The Divine Right of Kings
26 Rhetoric Ability
27 Oppostion
27.1 Edmund concludes his opposition at the finale
27.2 Edmund: Machiavellian Principles
28 Birthright
29 Wheel of Fortune
30 Indebtedness
31 Secrecy/Conveying
31.1 Naturally fits into truth
31.2 Oedipus shows trying to withhold information can be for the best
31.3 Tiresias: How terrible is it to know Where no good comes of knowing
32 Abandonment
33 Family
34 Leadership
35 Rage
36 Voice of Widsom
36.1 Oedipus - The voice is suppressed as much as possible
37 Hubris
38 Role of Kings

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