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1 The Hindbrain.
1.1 Metencephalon
1.1.1 Cerebellum Cerebellar Cortex Deep Cerebellar Nuclei
1.1.2 Pons Reticular Formation
1.2 Myelencephalon
1.2.1 Medulla Oblongata Reticular Formation
1.3 Surrounds the 4th ventricle.
2 The Midbrain.
2.1 Surrounds cerebral aqueduct.
2.2 Tectum
2.2.1 Superior Colliculi
2.2.2 Inferior Colliculi
2.3 Tegmentum
2.3.1 Preaqueductal Gray Matter
2.3.2 Red Nucleus
2.3.3 Substantia Nigra
2.3.4 Reticular Formation
3 The Forebrain.
3.1 Telencephalon
3.1.1 Cerebral Cortex Frontal Lobe Motor Control & Planning Language Decision Making Response Inhibition Executive Control Parietal Lobe Somatosensory Processing (e.g. touch, warmth, cold, pain, body position information etc.) Spatial Processing. Visual Association Areas. Attention. Temporal Lobe Hearing Language Visual Identification of Objects Memory Occipital Lobe Vision Sensory, Motor, Higher Cognitive Functions
3.1.2 Basal Ganglia Caudate Nucleus Putamen Globus Pallidus Controls movement.
3.1.3 Limbic System Limbic Cortex Hippocampus Amygdala Learning, Memory & Emotion
3.2 Diencephalon
3.2.1 Thalamus Relay Station
3.2.2 Hypothalamus Controls Autonomic Nervous System The 4 F's. Fighting Fleeing Feeding Fornicating Controls the Endocrine System
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