Mind Map: Mezzogiorno

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LC Geog: Mezzogiorno mind map

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Mind Map: Mezzogiorno
1 Primary Activities
1.1 Farming
1.1.1 Soils, relief, climate Mts/Hills Transhumance Sheep & goats Tree crops lower slopes Binds soil Olive Drought resistant Shallow roots Waxy leaves Pears Citrus fruits 2/3 from Sicily Coastal plain Maize Winter wheat Grapes too hot for grass no dairy Buffalo Mozzarella
1.1.2 Problems Relief, soils, climate Lack of irrigation Ownership Traditional Drought
1.1.3 The Cassa 1950's fund Develop the Mezz 29,000km of roads Metapontino Drained swamps Irrigation 70% of budget spent on farming Bought 10% of Latifundia
1.1.4 Land ownership Latifundia Minifundia 3-6 hectares Braccianti Over farmed Traditional & labor intensive Absentee landlords
1.2 50% of farmers here
2 Physical
2.1 Relief
2.1.1 Apeninnes Back bone of Italy 85%
2.1.2 15% flat Coastal plains Some drained marshes
2.1.3 Fault lines Mt Vesuvius Mt Etna
2.2 Drainage
2.2.1 Few rivers Climate Evaporation Little rainfall Limestone Swallow holes Low volume R.Bradano
2.3 Climate
2.3.1 Summer N.E. Wind Dry High pressure Avg 26 degrees
2.3.2 Winter Mild Avg 9 degrees Low pressure Sirocco winds Burns crops
2.3.3 Mediteraneann
2.3.4 Rainfall 500mm - 900mm Frontal Convectional in summer East in rain shadow
2.4 Soil
2.4.1 Thin in mountains Leached
2.4.2 Alluvium on floodplains
2.4.3 Terra Rossa Red High Iron Fertile but needs water
2.4.4 Limestone bedrock Apulia has Granite bedrock
2.4.5 Volcanic soil
3 Secondary
3.1 Lack of access
3.1.1 Far from markets Local market small & poor
3.1.2 1,100km from Calabria to Rome
3.1.3 Not attractive to MNC's
3.1.4 Roads narrow & winding Relief impacts rail Tunnels expensive
3.1.5 Political isolation
3.2 Raw materials
3.2.1 Lacks natural resources
3.2.2 Lacks power No HEP Gas from Algeria
3.2.3 Vitamins, Olive oil, canned fruit, pasta
3.3 Unskilled workforce
3.3.1 Few cities
3.3.2 Older population
3.3.3 7 times less likely to got to college
3.3.4 Brain drain
3.4 The Cassa
3.4.1 Ind triangle; Bari, Brindisi & Tranto
3.4.2 Vanoni plan Private Ind Tax breaks Ind Estates Improve access Fiat & Alpha Romeo
3.4.3 State companies invest 60% Steel & petrochemicals But cost more monet than made jobs Switch to traditional Ind 1.4 million in manufactuing
4 Tertiary
4.1 Transport
4.1.1 Autostrada del sole
4.1.2 Por of Gio Tauro Containers 9th in Europe Cruises
4.1.3 2x times as many airports in north than south New airport in Calabria
4.1.4 Cassa spent 2.5 billion
4.1.5 Ferries to islands
4.2 Attractions
4.2.1 Climate Skiing in Mts
4.2.2 Landscape Volcanoes Amalfi coast Sorrento Islands Sicily Capri
4.2.3 Naples Pompeii Musuems Opera Home of the pizza
4.3 17 million a year
4.3.1 11 million domestic Seasonal
4.4 76% work in this sector
4.4.1 seasonal
5 Human
5.1 21 million pop
5.1.1 Uneven
5.2 Stage 5
5.2.1 Ageing
5.2.2 140 per sq km
5.2.3 low as 50 per sq km
5.2.4 Naples; 400 per sq km 3 mill in Naples In migration Poverty Greek, N. African & Italian Mixed culture & dialects Med crises 2% foreigners Many Albanians Life expectancy improved 82
5.3 Birth rates are high
5.3.1 Family size is small
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