America - The New Deal - Part 2

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The Second New Deal, The Second New Deal Agencies, Opposition to the New Deals & Did the New Deal work?

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America - The New Deal - Part 2
1 The Second New Deal
1.1 1935 - The rich said Roosevelt was doing too much and others said he was doing too little
1.2 USA was recovering slower than other countries effected in Europe
1.3 Tuesday 14th May 1935, Roosevelt met with a group of Senators. They persuaded him to take radical steps to help America.
1.4 June 14th, FDR met with congress and pushed a range of laws to be passed. This is known as the Second New Deal!
2 The Second New Deal Agencies
2.1 The Wagner Act (WA)
2.1.1 For Employees of Large Companies. This forced employers to allow trade unions to negotiate better pay & conditions.
2.2 The Social Security Act (SSA)
2.2.1 For the Elderly, Unemployed and Disabled. Set up a national insurance scheme which gave old age pensions, unemployed benefits and financial support. It was funded by contributions from workers, employers & the government.
2.3 The Works Progress Administration (WPA)
2.3.1 Gave work to the unemployed & unskilled workers. This replaces the PWA. Aimed to find emergency short-term employment for unskilled workers. It helped 8 million people in 8 years.
2.4 The Resettlement Administration (RA)
2.4.1 This helped Farmers and replaced the AAA. It purchased equipment for them and resettled some on land owned by the RA. Grants were given to the farmers. The RA helped over 500,000 families.
3 Opposition to the New Deals
4 Did the New Deal Work?
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