Britain & the 13 Colonies

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Relations with the American Colonies & the War of Independence c1740-89 Mind Map on Britain & the 13 Colonies, created by Charlotte Webber on 05/12/2013.

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Britain & the 13 Colonies
1 13 Colonies
1.1 New England
1.1.1 New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island
1.1.2 80% English origin
1.1.3 Timber sea product exported
1.1.4 Rhode Island religious haven
1.2 Mid-Atlantic
1.2.1 New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware Many Dutch in NYC and NJ Germans in Pennsylvania Fertile land in Philadelphia & NY Quakers influential in Pennsylvania
1.3 South
1.3.1 Maryland Virginia N & SCarolina Georgia 89% Black Africans 1/4 white were literate Slave labour KEY Cash crops cotton, sugar, tobacco Maryland refuge for Roman Catholics
2 Relations Between Colonies and Britain
2.1 Salutary Neglect 1720-1748
2.1.1 gradual more power to colonial assemblies
2.1.2 powerful men didn't like
2.1.3 gave colonies bit more control
2.2 Merchantilism
2.2.1 colonies to be sources of raw materials
2.2.2 colonies forbidden to use their own coinage
2.3 Navigation Act 1660
2.3.1 restriction on foreign shipping
2.3.2 foreign goods only in English ships
2.3.3 goods had to go through England or wales first to be inspected and pay duties
2.3.4 as a result N Americas economic growth doubled were guaranteed a market
3 Irritants in the Colonies
3.1 Impressment
3.1.1 getting men drunk then making them join the navy
3.1.2 1747 Boston riot against press gangs
3.2 Archbishop Secker
3.2.1 He wanted to send Bishops to colonies
3.2.2 colonists would be taxed to support the Bishops
3.2.3 Died out when Secker died
4 7 Year War
4.1 Colonies (led by Washington) & British VS French and Spanish Troops
4.1.1 washington learned his military skills in this war
4.2 colonial merchants violated Navigation act
4.2.1 traded with French and Spanish
4.3 When George III came king he wanted peace
4.3.1 got rid of Pitt the elder as PM He wanted to extend war to Spain
4.3.2 1763- signed the first Treaty of Paris
4.4 Pitt injected money and troops
5 Treaty Of Paris
5.1 Britain gained massive national debt
5.1.1 1763- £122,603,336
5.2 Sugar Act 1764
5.2.1 Put inplace to reduce national debt
6.1 Stamp Act 1765
6.1.1 would effect everyone in America
6.1.2 Internal tax
6.1.3 Tax would have to be payed for a stamp on on any paper goods cards, legal documents, newspapers pamphlets etc
6.1.4 didn't go ahead protest of "no taxation without representation" Sons of Liberty hung effigies of stamp collectors to scare them off sons of Liberty formed as an action committee boycott on European goods by merchants in New York until stamp act was repealed
6.1.5 Repealed in 1766 embarrassment for Britain Declaratory Act put in place so that parliament had full control over the colonies
6.2 Quartering
6.2.1 soldiers could stay in the colonies paid by the colonists
6.3 Townshend Act 1767
6.3.1 taxed papers, glass, tea, lead
6.3.2 External tax- be collected at ports
6.3.3 paid for governors & officials
6.3.4 started non-importation boycotting on British goods
6.3.5 was repealed but kept tea tax
7 Boston Massacre 1770
7.1 extra British regiments sent to Boston to protect American Custom Boards
7.1.1 bostonians didn't like them there found them brutal, thought gangs baited soldiers in the streets
7.2 angry mob closed in on a group and they opened fired
7.2.1 3 died 6 wounded first bloodshed
7.3 colonist exaggerated it "massacre" propaganda
8 Boston Tea Party 1773
8.1 Britain supported East Indian Company by shifting tea to colonies
8.1.1 colonies forced sold so cheap
8.2 boarded ship dressed as Mohawk Indians, dumped 342 chests of tea in harbour
8.3 Boston port shut down until tea lost was paid for
8.3.1 Boston Port Act
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