Experimental design

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Created by rachbreen over 6 years ago
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Experimental design
1 Repeated measures
1.1 Same ppts do each condition
1.1.1 Tested against themselves Different forms of IV
1.2 Evaluation
1.2.1 No participant variables Fewer participants needed
1.2.2 Order effects? Could remember something from previous day - practise effect Tired from previous day - fatigue effects
2 Matched pairs
2.1 Two groups, previously tested w/ same amount of important variables
2.1.1 One of each pair is put in either experimental group or control group
2.2 No order effects
2.2.1 Less individual differences
2.3 Time consuming to match
2.3.1 Wont eliminate all individual differences Twice as many ppts as RM
3 Independant groups
3.1 People randomly allocated to two groups
3.1.1 Perform only one of two conditions
3.2 Evaluation
3.2.1 Participant variables More participants required than RM
3.2.2 No order effects Less demand characteristics Only perform one condition - dont guess experiment

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