Mobile Phone.


Mind Map on Mobile Phone., created by Shannan Fell on 05/13/2013.
Shannan Fell
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Shannan Fell
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Mobile Phone.
  1. Internet Browsing.
    1. Stream music and videos
    2. GPS Receiver.
      1. Pinpoint position on map
        1. Get weather information
          1. use as a navigation device
          2. Entertainment.
            1. Play music
              1. Play videos
                1. Play games
                2. Productivity.
                  1. Learning financial management, entertainment and travel apps
                  2. Data Storage.
                    1. Store photos, music and video
                      1. Remove storage, allows easy transfer
                      2. Camera/video camera.
                        1. Take still images
                          1. Capture video
                            1. Make video calls
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