Metallic Structures

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Metallic Structures
1 Metal properties are all due to the sea of free electrons
1.1 Metal also consist of a giant structure
2 Metallic bonds involve the all-important ‘free electrons’
2.1 Produce all the properties of metals
2.2 These delocalised (free) electrons come from the outer shell of every metal atom in the structure
3 These electrons are free to move through the whole structure and so metals are good conductors of heat and electricity
4 These electrons also hold the atoms together in a regular substance
4.1 Strong force of electrostatic attraction between the positive metal ions and the negative electrons.
5 They also allow the layers of atoms to slide over each other, allowing metals to be bent and shaped.
6 Alloys are harder than pure metals
6.1 Pure metals often aren’t quite right for the job
7 So scientists mix of two or more metals together – creating an alloy with the properties they want.
8 Different element has different sized atoms
8.1 So when another metal is mixed with a pure metal
8.1.1 The new metal atoms will distort the layers of metal atoms
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