Stalin's Rise To Power

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GCSE History (Stalin's Dictatorship: USSR, 1924-41) Mind Map on Stalin's Rise To Power, created by Demi Wilkie on 04/30/2017.

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Stalin's Rise To Power
1 Trosky's strengths as a leader
1.1 He organised to November 1917 revolution
1.2 Had led the Reds to victory during the Civil War
1.3 Demonstrated he was a good organiser and inspiring leader at those two events
1.4 Was clever, an excellent orator and writer
2 Trotsky's weaknesses as a leader
2.1 Was jewish, many people in Russia were anti-Semitic
2.2 Was too self confident, arrogant at times
2.3 Didn't appeal as Lenin's right-hand man e.g. didn't show up to Lenin's funeral
2.4 Believed in world revolution and didn't appeal to most russians
2.5 Joined the Bolsheviks later in 1917
2.6 few supporters in the politburo which meant he had little control of the communist party
2.7 Didn't quote Lenin as much as Stalin did
2.8 Didn't control the media newspaper, Stalin did
3 What Stalin did to become the Party's leader?
3.1 Was devious and conspirturial


3.2 His ideas of communism were more popular than Trotsky's


3.3 How he used his position as general secretary


3.4 How he tries to make people believe he was Lenin's right-hand man


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