Text 33- Porterhouse Blue

Emily Joy
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A-Levels English Mind Map on Text 33- Porterhouse Blue, created by Emily Joy on 05/14/2013.

Emily Joy
Created by Emily Joy over 6 years ago
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Text 33- Porterhouse Blue
1 Contexts of profuction
1.1 Satirical look at the Cambridge Life, and the struggle between tradition and reform
1.2 Skullian looks ona as a feast is held and compares the old and new masters of the college
2 Structure and Form
2.1 Simple and formative, which emphasises the sarcasm
2.2 Large paragraphs which are filled with long lists describing how the feast is taking place
2.3 Has been carefully structured to create a logical and authoritative view on the scene
2.4 Formal language and regester reflects the lifestyle that takes palce at the fictional college- satirical
3 Word Choice
3.1 Opens with a simple alliteration sentence, the 'Feast being capitalised as a noun to show its importance
3.2 List of food sounds as though it has been taken directly from a menu particularly through the french lexis. This shows a contrast against the typical food at a college like this, highlighting the satire of the novel
3.3 'announced by the swish of the doors' this personification creates the dining in pleasure idea of the extract
3.4 Porterhouse Blue is a stroke caused by eating too much cuisine at the college. The colour blue is given to the sports men of cambridge.

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