MRI Scans

Heloise Tudor
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A mindmap describing and assessing MRI scans. Part of the Biological Approach in Psychology from the Edexcel AS-Psychology syllabus.

Heloise Tudor
Created by Heloise Tudor over 5 years ago
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MRI Scans
1 Strong magnetic field passes over body allowing brain to be seen inside skull.
2 Patient placed in large scanner
3 Noisy, but painless
4 Detailed image of brain generated as the nuclei of atoms in molecules arranged in a specific way
5 Electromagnetic waves pass through body causing nuclei to emit their own radiowave
6 Before scan, dye (contrast medium) injected to show organs.
7 Strengths
7.1 High validity
7.2 Accurate for checking abnormalities
7.3 Ethical
7.4 Non-invasive (compared to surgery)
7.5 Replicable
7.6 Checked by numerous people
8 Weaknesses
8.1 Noisy, enclosed, could be harmful
8.2 Stressful for patient
8.3 Limited information generated. Clear images but no brain activity measured.

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