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A Levels Psychology Mind Map on Gestalt, created by Mollie Payne on 05/19/2014.

Mollie Payne
Created by Mollie Payne over 5 years ago
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1 Law of prognanz
1.1 We make the simplest interpretation of a given stimulus
2 PPS 3 C'S
2.1 Part whole
2.1.1 we see things as a whole, not consituent parts
2.2 Proximity
2.2.1 close objects are percieved as one object
2.3 Similarity
2.3.1 We prefer symmetrical objects
2.4 Continuity
2.4.1 we prefer continuous objects
2.5 Closure
2.5.1 we mentally complete, incomplete figures
2.6 Common fate
2.6.1 objects that move together are seen as a single object
3 Positives
3.1 Experimental research
3.1.1 Navon study, HHSS we prefer whole objects
3.2 Ecological validity
3.2.1 Can often explain life i.e flock of birds
4 Negatives
4.1 does not offer an explanation for processes involved

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