Text 11- Seven Simple steps to going and staying vegetarian

Emily Joy
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A-Levels English Mind Map on Text 11- Seven Simple steps to going and staying vegetarian, created by Emily Joy on 05/15/2013.

Emily Joy
Created by Emily Joy over 6 years ago
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Text 11- Seven Simple steps to going and staying vegetarian
1 Contexts of production
1.1 Comes from the website of the vegetarian Society, and gives simple steps to advise people who want to become or are intereseted in the vegetarian lifestyle
1.2 The oldest vegetarian organisation in the world, promotes the understanding and respect for the vegetarian lifestyles
1.3 purpose is to inform, advise and persuade
1.4 Website article
1.5 Audience is those who are interested in becoming a vegetarian
2 Structure and Form layout and presentation
2.1 7 Simples steps breaks the text down into easier reading- also helps the purpose of persuasion
2.2 The colours support the vegetarian theme, along with the images supporting the narutal and happy message. The logo is iconic of the society.
3 Word choice
3.1 Alliteration used to emphasis the texts simplicity
3.2 Imperatives 'don't be put off' 'Try something new' 'learn a little' 'Don't go it alone'- highlights the positives of what you can do, not demanding. Continues the advisery tone. Encourages rather than puts them off.
3.3 'understanding and respect for vegetarian lifestyles' implies that vegetarians recieve the oposite to this
3.4 Lexis used which talks about people who don't know much about vegetarianism

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