Lodovico & Marcello

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Lodovico & Marcello
1 Lodovico
1.1 Parallel character to Flamineo - ruined nobleman, malcontent and Francisco's henchman
1.2 His own story is peripheral to the plot, but his actions are central
1.2.1 Play opens and closes with him
1.3 Character revealed - committed "Certain murders here in Rome / Bloody and full of horror"
1.3.1 Dismisses them as "flea-bitings"
1.4 Shares Flamineo's ability to judge character
1.4.1 Ironically passing judgement on Flamineo as one of "these rogues that are most weary of their lives"
1.5 Motivation for avenging Isabella's death complicated by his feelings for her
1.5.1 "I did love Brachiano's duchess dearly; / or rather I pursued her with hot lust"
1.6 When told by Monticelso revenge is "damnable" he appears wiling to "give it o'er"
1.6.1 Only reconsiders when he receives money, believing it to be from Moticelso
1.7 Serves Francisco loyally, even insisting he leave Padua before the murders
1.7.1 "My Lord, leave the city / Or I'll forswear the murders"
1.8 Enacts violent bloody revenge and is unrepentant
1.8.1 Relishes in the artistic effects of his work "I do glory that I can call this act mine own"
2 Marcello
2.1 Brother of Flamineo and Vittoria
2.2 Whilst Flamineo represents the character type 'melancholic', Marcello represents 'Choleric'
2.2.1 Excess of yellow bile, signifying easily angered and bad-tempered
2.3 Serves Francisco, and although poorly rewarded for his service, does not share Flamineo's discontent
2.4 Is the voice of conventional morality
2.4.1 Frowns on relationship between V & B "I would my dagger's point had cleft her heart / When she first saw Brachiano" Seems to overcome his feelings of relationship enough to attend wedding
2.5 Strength of dislike for Zanche - based on colour or fear of interracial marriage?
2.5.1 CONTEXT: Interracial marriages were seen as unnatural
2.5.2 Threats to cut her throat and kicking her in public show unpleasant side to his nature "If I take her near you I'll cut her throat"
2.6 Due to fight duel with Flamineo, but F kills him
2.6.1 Causes Cornelia to lose her mind
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