Travelling west

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Travelling west
1 What you needed
1.1 $1000
1.2 Wagon
1.2.1 4 or 6 oxen
1.2.2 1x3m long, wooden wheels and iron tyres
1.2.3 Spare parts
1.3 Food and essentials
1.3.1 Kettle, frying pan, coffee pot, tin plates
1.3.2 Knives, forks, axes
1.3.3 Food


  • Flour, bacon, coffee, sugar, salt, jerkey, rice, tea, dried beans, baking soda, vinegar, pickles, mustard, dried fruit and tallow
2 Early travellers
2.1 The Sagars
2.1.1 Rain Mud Swollen rivers
2.1.2 Naomi Sagar gave birth
2.1.3 Buffalo stampede
2.1.4 Shot too many Buffalo Arguement Lost leader for the rest of the journey
2.1.5 Wagon overturned
2.2 The Donners
2.2.1 Snow fell a month early Blizzards, ice and storms
2.2.2 James Reed was banished


  • He killed another in self-defence
2.2.3 Didn't bring enough food Killed Indians and eat them By Christmas, they hadn't had any food for 4 days. Resorted to cannibalism and killed each other. They were found. Half were dead, the others half mad.
2.2.4 Followed new trail
2.3 The Knights
2.3.1 Physical barriers Swamp Low hills Blue Mountains
2.3.2 Traded beads and mocasins for bread with Indians
2.3.3 Thought they would be attacked by Indians
2.3.4 Didn't bring enough water Drank melted snow
2.4 The Goulds
2.4.1 Cold and wet A lot of rain
2.4.2 Traded with Indians
2.4.3 Indians attacked and killed 3 men
3 The Journey
3.1 Two routes
3.1.1 Oregon
3.1.2 California
3.2 Took about 5 or 6 months
3.3 Started off in Illinois
3.4 Split into two groups after leaving Fort Hall
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