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1.1 bowlby's view that long term separation from CG leads to negative effects on intellectual, social and emotional development
1.2 evaluation
1.2.1 support tends to include institutionalised children, not just maternally deprived children
1.2.2 not all research shows negative effect of deprivation, including research by Bowlby
1.2.3 correlational research cannot infer cause and effect
1.2.4 retrospective data unreliable
1.2.5 Bowlby did not consider the possibility that this could have been privation rather than deprivation
2 44Thieves study - Bowlby
2.1 interviewed 44 thieves and 44 children who were emotionally maladjusted (5-18y/o) and their families in london
2.1.1 unreprasentative sample
2.2 identified some of the thieves as affectionless psychopaths - lack of guilt
2.3 86% of affectionless psychopaths had experienced prolonged separation from their parents earlier on. less than 4% of control group had similar experiences
2.3.1 suggests link between separation and development of behavioural problems
3 to lose something, such as the care of an attachment figure, for a long period of time
4 other supporting studies
4.1 Spitz
4.1.1 orphanages in south america. little warmth or attention, lead to analytic depression (institutionalisation) this was due to the lack of emotional care from their mothers ( primary CG)
4.2 Goldfarb
4.2.1 poor orphanage. 1 group stayed a few months, the other up to 3 years. tested at 12 years. found that the longer they stayed, the more aggressive, less socially mature and less intelligent they were
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