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  1. Education and training.
    1. education
      1. SRA authorised qualifying law degree.
        1. core topics
          1. Legal research, obligations, public and criminal law.
            1. option modules
              1. Enviromental and consumer law, and intellectual property.
          2. CPE OR GDL.
            1. Common professional examination.
              1. Graduate diploma in law
                1. Do either of these if they have a degree in another subject
              2. Training
                1. Vocational training
                  1. LPC.
                    1. Legal practice course
                      1. This develops skills needed to practice as a solicitor.
                        1. Practical based; client interviewing, negotiation, advocacy, drafting legal documents and business management.
                          1. 1 year or 2 years part time.
                  2. Training contract
                    1. With a firm or organisation authorised by the SRA.
                      1. You must gain knowledge in 3 areas of law.
                        1. 2 years.
                          1. Paid a min: £16,650
                            1. THE PROFESSIONAL SKILLS COURSE.
                              1. Complete whilst doing the training contract.
                                1. Builds on vocational training
                          2. Work
                            1. Meeting with clients and taking instructions, offering advice.
                              1. Drafting legal documents
                                1. WIlls and probate.
                                  1. Negotiating on behalf of clients.
                                    1. Negligence; personal injury claims.
                                    2. Organisation
                                      1. Solicitors a represented by the law society.
                                        1. They can work for small or large firms.
                                        2. Regulation
                                          1. Solicitors deal directly with their clients
                                            1. An unsatisfied client must first use the firms complaint procedure.
                                              1. If not dealt with satisfactorily the Office for Legal complaints set up by the legal services act 2007 will deal with the issue submitting it to the Legal Ombudsman.
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