Care in Families: Why it matters

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Block 1 end of unit check lists
Experiencing Family Care
Healthcare in Changing times
Crime and Deviance with sociological methods key terms
1PR101 1.test - 7. část
Nikola Truong
Block 1 Key Points
Maslows Hierarchy of needs
Social care, Who pays?, Who decides?
Entering the world of social care
Being Ill
Care in Families: Why it matters
1 Look after a family member or friends for at 35hrs per week
1.1 who needs support because of illness, age or disability
1.2 Carers Allowance as finacial support
2 Take on a varitey of tasks, ranging form household duties to more iminate personal care
2.1 Parker and Lawton (1994), indentifes key charaticis of carers role
2.1.1 Personal services
2.1.2 Physical labour
2.1.3 Gives medicaiton
2.1.4 Provides company
3 Case Study - Ann and Angus (Parkinsons)
4 Rewards and dificulties
5 Family structure
5.1 Carers other family Partner/children
6 Often hidden
7 Cares equal Opportunities act 2004
7.1 carers rights to an assessment of their needs
7.2 PLaces duty of local authoires to inform caers know support entiltied to
8 Complication factors
8.1 duration and frequency
8.1.1 Some task difficulty to quantify
8.1.2 Vary of conditions (some weeks better that others)
8.2 Labeling and Identity
8.2.1 Reluctance to change identy
8.3 Interdependence
8.3.1 May support each other ( Angus helping Zoe with Homework)
8.4 Networks
8.4.1 Who else helps other family mamber
9 Goverement interest in carers
9.1 without carers cost of care would be unaffordable

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