Changing Families, Changing Care

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Care in Families: Why it matters
Block 1 end of unit check lists
Experiencing Family Care
Macbeth Notes
Bella Ffion Martin
AQA A-Level Sociology: Gender Differences in Education - Internal Factors
Rhiann .
Block 1 Key Points
Maslows Hierarchy of needs
Social care, Who pays?, Who decides?
Entering the world of social care
Being Ill
Changing Families, Changing Care
1 Change in family structures has changed care
1.1 More divorce
1.2 Smaller families
1.3 High number of people living alone
1.4 families more spread out Country/world)
1.5 More women in paid work
2 Bethnal Green (peter townsend (1957)
2.1 to find out what has going on in commmunities as a bais for meeting needs of old age
2.1.1 Mrs Bliss husband attends to personal needs 5 Children organised a rota to sleep over jointly ensured shopping and cleaning were done family brought food, flowers, sheets and blankets Shared news via telephone on a constant basis
2.2 46% of older people lived with a younger relative
2.3 Most had relatives living near by
2.4 frequent contact
2.5 until seriously ill, older women reciprocate the care they recieve
2.5.1 essential feature
2.6 Those with no relatives were in worst postition
3 The new east end ( Geoff Dench et al (2005)
3.1 lot of lonely old people who not see a soul
3.2 Families members moved away
3.3 More children buyng there own homes as they ger older
3.4 changes associalted with changes in economy, housing policy and individuals wealth
4 Practicalties of managing care have become more challenging
4.1 Family more scattered around
4.2 Falls to fewer relatives
4.2.1 Highlights the need for more supprt
5 matter of public interest since late 20yh century
6 younger family member still feel that they have a responsibility to care for other older family member

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