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Care in Families: Why it matters
Experiencing Family Care
Healthcare in Changing times
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Block 1 Key Points
Maslows Hierarchy of needs
Social care, Who pays?, Who decides?
Entering the world of social care
Being Ill

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Explain the concept of care Explain the significance of family care within overall care provisions and link it to national care policy Outline some of the key challenges associated with family care Explain why family care has become the subject of government attention in recent years

Be aware of biological, social and psychological aspects of illness and health be aware that primary health care is provided through a network of services within the community be aware if the role of hospitals as centres of acute care for rare, complicated and serious conditions and emergency treatment for serious injuries Understand the impact of the hospital environment on the experiences of patient and care staff Understand the impact of the hospital environment in the experiences if patients and care staff]Understand the importance if the service user perspective in ensuring socially, culturally and psychologically sensitive health care services

Describe home care and how it is funded and provided Understand the changes that families go through when the enter the social care system Describe the work of a home carer and the extent to which hey are able to respond to he needs of the people the work for Discuss social care as a business Debate the advantages and disadvantages of direct payments as a way of providing care.

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