Experiencing Family Care

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Degree Introduction to health and social care (Block 1) Mind Map on Experiencing Family Care, created by Charlie_eeyore on 05/15/2013.

Created by Charlie_eeyore over 6 years ago
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Experiencing Family Care
1 Rewards
2 difficulties
3 Hard work
4 Demanding skill
5 Restircitng
6 stressful
6.1 Family Tensions
7 Isolated
7.1 Loss if family life
7.1.1 Change in family dynamics, feeling of direct family affected care affects by family life, past and present
8 Emotionally demanding
9 guilt provking
10 exhaustion
11 duty/responsibility
12 unsupportive
13 Frigthening
14 ann and angus
14.1 Incident on the stairs/torn between roles/
15 experinces vary person to person
16 three influences on caring relationships
16.1 Quality of relationships
16.1.1 Easier to care for someone you like at get along with
16.2 Choice
16.2.1 Not straight forward,
16.3 Support
16.3.1 informal Family and friends helping
16.3.2 formal outside agencies social services etc.
17 Obligation
18 Cared for not supported by single agency
19 Feelings of cared for individuals
19.1 Loss of power and control
19.2 Feeling a burden
19.3 Lack of choice
19.3.1 having things done for them as quicker rather tat what they require
19.4 Isolation
19.5 Fear
20 Asking for help
20.1 Often takes a crisis before people ask for supprt
21 information about alternatives

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