Uses of ICT in the Catering Industry 1.13

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GCSE communication, ICT, Job Roles EHO Mind Map on Uses of ICT in the Catering Industry 1.13, created by jane stainer on 05/15/2013.

jane stainer
Created by jane stainer over 6 years ago
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Uses of ICT in the Catering Industry 1.13
1 Reservation systems-
1.1 A customer can ring or email a central reservation number/email address and a room can be booked for any hotel in the group.
1.1.1 Can book a room anywhere in that group
1.1.2 A customer can email or ring a central reservation address or number
1.1.3 Used by Hotel Groups
2 Management system-
2.1 Room reservation, guest billing, guest history.
2.1.1 Used for room reservations And guest history And guest billing
2.2 Events Management
2.2.1 Computers used when planning, organising and running large events Data used can be stored and used in simular future events
3 Electronic point of sale (EPOS)-
3.1 A number of machines are linked to a central computer. Guests can order from the bar, restaurant or shop. All transactions are passed through a central computer for bills to be generated automatically.
3.1.1 Electronic Point Of Sale
3.1.2 A number of machines linked to a central computer
3.1.3 Then bills are generated automatically
3.1.4 Customers can order from different sections of the establishment (bar, restaurant)
3.1.5 All transactions passed to the central computer
4 Stock control system-
4.1 These hold details of suppliers. They generate orders automatically when stock level fall
4.1.1 Holds details of suppliers
4.1.2 Hold detailed records of stock issued and current prices of stock held
4.1.3 Generate orders automatically when stock levels fall
5 Food and beverage management systems-
5.1 A database of recipes, quantities needed , ingredients codes etc.
5.1.1 Big database of recipes, quantities needed
5.1.2 Ingredient codes and also tax codes
6 Dietary analysis programs-
6.1 Nutritional analysis of menus, recipes and ingredients.
6.1.1 Nutritional Analysis Programmes
6.1.2 Companies can include nutritional information on menus
6.1.3 People on special diets (hospital patients)

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