The Use and Abuse of Drugs - B1

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The Use and Abuse of Drugs - B1
1 A drug = *A substance that alters the way the body works
2 Drugs can be split into 3 categories:
2.1 medicinal drugs
2.1.1 used to prevent or fight diseases and other health problems
2.1.2 used for thousands of years to cure ailments
2.1.3 all drugs have potential side affects have to be thoroughly tested through clinical trials Thalidomide developed for sleeping problems found to relieve morning sickness in pregnant women but, caused their children to have deformed limbs banned, but used to treat leprosy
2.2 recreational drugs
2.2.1 used for pleasure
2.2.2 examples: ALCOHOL - causes liver and brain damage TOBACCO - lung cancer and emphysema MARIJUANA - mental problems SOLVENTS - brain damage
2.3 performance-enhancing drugs
2.3.1 used to improve strength, speed etc.
2.3.2 people use these in competitions to cheat drugs have been used to improve: STRENGTH - steroids build muscle SIZE - HGH (human growth hormone) increases height STAMINA - EPO is used in endurance sports such as cycling PRECISION - beta-blockers can improve ability in sports such as snooker

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