Interdependence and Adaption - B1

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Interdependence and Adaption - B1
1 Organisms are well adapted to survive in their normal environment
1.1 changes in the environment may affect the distribution and behaviour of organisms
1.1.1 environments are changing constantly due to living and non-living factors this affects the distribution of organisms living there some non-living factors: pollution floods droughts temperature changes living indicators: lichen populations can be used to determine levels of sulphur dioxide in the air invertebrates living in ponds and streams indicate water pollution and the concentration of dissolved oxygen non-living indicators measure these changes: oxygen levels temperature rainfall
2 Population size depends on a variety of factors including:
2.1.1 all animals and plants require a supply of materials from their surroundings and from other organisms that live there ANIMALS compete for: food mates territory PLANTS compete for: light space water nutrients from soil ADAPTATION organisms including microorganisms have features and adaptations that enable them to get the materials they need from their habitat and survive COLD ENVIRONMENT e.g. polar bears a thick layer of fat for energy and insulation thick fur for insulation white fur for camoflauge large canine teeth for killing large paws for swimming HOT, DRY ENVIRONMENTS e.g. camels fat stored in a hump, as a supply of food and water thick fur for insulation for cold nights and hot days large feet for walking on soft sand long eyelashes to keep sand out of their eyes nostrils that close during sandstorms PLANT ADAPTATIONS e.g. cacti large root systems small surface area of leaves to reduce water loss waxy surface of leaves water storage tissue

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