Religion and Planet Earth

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Religion and Planet Earth
1 If we destroy our environment we destroy a legacy for future generations.
2 Pollution is created by emissions of gases from cars, power stations and factories that burn fuels like coal, oil and gas.
2.1 These gases cover the earth like a blanket. This traps the sun's heat, like the glass in a greenhouse.
2.2 Many people agree that this greenhouse effect causes global warming or climate change.
2.2.1 This means sea levels rise as the icecaps of Earth's highest mountains and the polar icecaps melt. Some scientists debate whether or not this is caused by humans.
2.3 They are dangerous because the chemical mix that is released into the air can cause acid rain.
3 Oil spills: leaking of oil into the environment, usually the sea.
4 Scientists argue about the causes of climate change. Some say we need to urge governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, others say there is no evidence that humans were affecting climate change. There is now a high level argument that the average global temperatures have been rising for at least a century. Greenhouse gases are trapping more of the sun's energy, so the warming of the planet is evident.
5 Global warming could result in severe weather leading to droughts and floods. These in turn could cause the destruction of food crops leading to famine. The poorest people in the world, who already have fresh water shortages and inadequate healthcare, will suffer most from contaminated water and disease. Scientists who disagree say that extreme weather, for example, hurricanes in the Atlantic, are not definitely linked to global warming.
6 Christians believe climate change is important because of the harm it can do to people, animals and the delicately balanced system of the Earth. Many would see the exploitation and abuse of the Earth's resources as a sign of sinfulness and greed. Christians would apply the principles of:
6.1 Religious responses
6.2 Conservation
6.3 Earth summits
6.4 Targets to reduce carbon emissions
6.5 Sustainable development

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