Architectural Model

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Created by bladeofaweman over 5 years ago
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Architectural Model
1 Idea 3
2 Idea 1
3 Idea 2
4 Materials
4.1 Cardboard
4.2 Plastics
4.3 Paint
4.3.1 Easily to work with, and manipulate. Cheap and easy to find. Generic materials to build architectural models.
4.4 Paper
4.5 Styrofoam
5 Steps
5.1 1. Collect necessary materials
5.1.1 2. Cut out parts 3. Check for proper dimensions 4. Paint parts to the correct colour (e.g. green for grass, grey for concrete) 5. Glue parts together
5.2 Problems
5.2.1 Incorrectly cut parts Wasted, damaged materials due to errors during the building process
6 How It Works
6.1 Communicates the form and function of the structure
6.1.1 Provides visual aid for clients
7 History
7.1 Used to be used as decorations or gifts
7.2 Later used to communicate ideas for structures to clients