Text 23: Jonathan Crisp

Luke Davies
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A-Levels English Literature and Language (AS) Mind Map on Text 23: Jonathan Crisp, created by Luke Davies on 05/16/2013.

Luke Davies
Created by Luke Davies over 6 years ago
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Text 23: Jonathan Crisp
1 Designed by a crisp company
2 Made to sell Jalapeno flavour crisps
3 Made to look attractive and presentable to encourage the consumer to buy and eat the product
4 Word choice: ‘By Jove, they pack a jolly welcome punch Jonathan’ this is old fashioned and influences the flavour of the product within the lexis, which makes it unique and builds character
5 A comparison can be made with the Salty Dog crisp pack Text 24 ‘Howler or growler?’ association with the brand character being a dog
6 Grammar: ‘and the information bit’ Sounds sarcastic, and sounds as if the voice in the text doesn’t want to say it, but it has to, which goes with the character
7 Salty Dog: ‘Salty Dog are made for a small family business....’ keeps referring to the character of the dog
7.1 Influenced on the brand
7.2 Keeps the customer interested
8 Layout and presentation: The different colour to refer to the flavour of the crisps
8.1 This makes each packet different, making it easy to differentiate
8.2 Boxes for titles, subtitles
8.2.1 Titles are all in capitals, making them stand out
9 Salty Dog: The flavour of the crisps is also found in a separate colour box, which draws attention to the things the company see’s as important, which reminds us of the brand
10 Figurative language: ‘Crisps of natural character’ this adds humour and also builds character. It also goes with the image of the colonel
10.1 ‘Natural’ also makes reference to the crisps
11 Salty Dog: ‘THAT bites back!’ this also builds character, and looks messy by having a mixture of lower and upper case letters
11.1 The ‘BITE back’ could be referring to the flavour
12 Context of production: The packaging, aimed to draw the customer in
13 ‘BEST BEFORE (SCOFF BY)’ Adds humour and may also be aimed mainly at the male population
13.1 It’s also old fashioned, stereotyping the colonel

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