Underpopulation In Australia

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Created by joshbeachell over 6 years ago
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Underpopulation In Australia
1 Overview
1.1 Underpopulation is when an area's population is smaller than it's carrying capacity
1.2 Population density can often be used as an indicator to underpopulation, however it is not always accurate
1.2.1 USA has a population density of 30.9 people per sq km
1.2.2 Australia has a population density of 2.7 people per sq km
2 Problems of Underpopulation
2.1 Not enough people to fully exploit natural resources
2.1.1 USA produces 8 million barrels of oil per day
2.1.2 Australia produces 570 thousand barrels of oil per day
2.2 Public services close due to lack of customers
2.3 Hard to defend country as there is a lack of soldiers
2.4 Lack of innovation and development for future generations
2.5 Shortage of workers
2.5.1 Government recieves less tax
2.6 Could lead to further population decline
3 Solutions to Underpopulation
3.1 Increase retirement age and tax, so that there are more people working and the government recieves more money
3.2 Increase Birth Rates
3.2.1 Pro-natalist policies
3.2.2 Benefits to people with more children
3.3 Relax visa rules to attract immigrants
4 Population Distribution
4.1 Causes of Sparse Population
4.1.1 Human No Public Services No communications No Energy Supplies
4.1.2 Physical Dangerous/poor climate Steep Mountains Natural Disasters Far from natural resources
4.2 Causes of Dense Population
4.2.1 Physical Flat Land Fertile land for agriculture Favourable Climate Good natural resources Coast
4.2.2 Human Good Public Services Good communications Good energy supplies Lots of Jobs

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