Text 24: Salty Dog

Luke Davies
Mind Map by , created over 6 years ago

A-Levels English Literature and Language (AS) Mind Map on Text 24: Salty Dog, created by Luke Davies on 05/16/2013.

Luke Davies
Created by Luke Davies over 6 years ago
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Text 24: Salty Dog
1 Context of production and reception: This is a crisp packet called ‘salty dog’
2 The purpose is to inform and persuade
2.1 This compares with text 23: Jonathan Crisp as it is also a crisp packet and will aim to fulfil the same purpose of this text
3 Audience: Cool, trendy young adults, quite alternative people who are modern or men as ‘dog is a man’s best friend’
4 Form and structure: ‘That bites back’ If the slogan was alone on the packet without the title it wouldn’t make sense
4.1 The nutritional information is printed on the back of the packaging in order to help attract and persuade consumers to buy the product; if this information was on the front it might confuse the buyers so they wouldn’t purchase it
4.2 This compares with text 16: Mexican Scrambled eggs as Nigella includes information similar to the crisp packet in a way that doesn’t confuse or worry readers
5 Figurative language: ‘That bites back’ The use of the metaphor personifies the crisps into ‘biting back’ and therefore connoting that they have real flavour and character unlike regular crisps
5.1 This can contrast to text 26: Uses of literacy which uses no figurative language but still meets the target audience and still fulfils purpose
6 Sound patterning: ‘Cooked Crisps’ uses alliteration to attract the reader, the ‘C’ sound is quite is quite harsh making the crisps have real character and purpose
6.1 ‘Bites back’ uses plosives captivates readers; the ‘B’ sound is quite satisfying assuring the reader that the crisps are good
6.2 This can link to text 17: Nigella Lawson, as Nigella also uses plosives to satisfy consumers
7 Word choice: ‘100% real’ This quote is used to show that the crisps are real and natural, being used alongside ‘Hand-Cooked’ reinforces this point further
7.1 The joke which is printed on the back of the packet has a positive effect on the reader making the crisps seem friendly by using colloquial and monosyllabic lexis to achieve this
7.2 This can be compared with Text 23: Jonathan Crisp which uses the same techniques to achieve the same effect
8 Grammar: ‘Can you do better?’ The use of interrogative and simple sentence and question mark creates an informal register
8.1 The context in which it is used is not context specific lexis; which could make the consumers feel more at ease with the crisps as they get a conversational feel from it
8.2 This contrasts with text 26: The use of literacy which uses no interrogative sentences and is not all informal or colloquial
9 Layout and presentation: Graphology – The background of the packaging is silver with black writing and black and white image which looks simple, yet effective
9.1 It appeals to the target audience as they will be immediately drawn to it and want to try it out
9.2 The image of the dog is quite fun and will reach out to the younger audience and men who believe dogs are ‘man’s best friend’
9.2.1 This compares to text 16: Mexican scrambled eggs as Nigella uses an image of the eggs to attract consumers

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