Circulatory system

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Mind map on circulatory system (otherwise known as the cardiovascular system).

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Circulatory system
1 Pump is the heart
2 Blood vessels
2.1 Veins
2.1.1 Thinner walls than arteries
2.1.2 Carry low pressure blood
2.2 Arteries
2.2.1 Thick muscular walls to cope with high pressure
2.2.2 Carry blood away from heart
2.3 Capillaries
2.3.1 Permeable walls
2.3.2 Transfer materials from bloodstream to tissues
2.3.3 Tiny
3 Red blood cells
3.1 Tiny to fit through small capillaries
3.2 Contain haemoglobin
3.2.1 Haemoglobin produces oxyhaemoglobin in oxygen rich environments
3.2.2 Haemoglobin are made from iron That's why we need iron
3.3 Flattened-disc shape
3.3.1 Gives large surface area : volume ratio
3.3.2 Have no nucleus
4 White blood cells
4.1 Lymphocytes
4.1.1 Produce antibodies
4.1.2 Large nucleus
4.2 Phagocytes
4.2.1 Engulf pathogens by phagocytosis
4.2.2 Job is to engulf pathogens
4.2.3 Irregular shape Can change shape easily
4.3 Repel pathogens
5 Plasma
5.1 Carries dissolved soluble materials
5.1.1 Amino acids
5.1.2 Urea
5.1.3 Tissue fluid
5.1.4 Antibodies
5.2 Straw coloured
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