B1 - You and Your Genes

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B1 - You and Your Genes
1 Genes, Chromosome and DNA
1.1 a gene is a short length of a cromosome
1.2 each chromosome is a very long molecule of DNA
1.3 the genetic material in the nucleus is arranged into chromosomes
1.4 most cells in the body have a nucleus
1.5 the nucleus controls what the cell actually does
1.6 the nucleus contains the genetic material
1.7 each gene is a code for making a certain protein
1.7.1 having different versions of proteins means we end up with different characteristics
1.8 genes can exist is different versions
1.8.1 different versions give different characteristics different versions of the same gene are called alleles e.g. blue eyes
1.9 other proteins are functional proteins
1.9.1 for example enzymes are proteins which help with food digestion by breaking up food molecules
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