Un Sac de Billes themes

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A Levels French (Un Sac De Billes) Mind Map on Un Sac de Billes themes, created by jdfr10 on 05/28/2014.

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Created by jdfr10 over 5 years ago
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Un Sac de Billes themes
1 Absurdity of war
1.1 pg 153-epiphany "je suis donc son ennemi?". Major turning point
1.2 Like many young people he thought war was glorious
1.3 Hating someone you don't know because of their race
1.4 convince a new generation to avoid a repetition
1.5 main aim of author is to convince reader
2 Loss of Innocence
2.1 angry about losing childhood
2.2 hardened, streetwise, guilt, teenager
2.3 crisis for character
2.4 Joe moves from unbounding confidence. Normal child, plays, cries, dependant
3 Duality
3.1 Good vs evil
3.2 Collaboration and resistance
3.3 people who should be good and are not and vice versa
4 Hommages aux Justes
4.1 risk taking to save Jewish children
4.1.1 the priest
4.2 whole book is about this
4.3 book could have been about hate
5 Danger of stereotyping

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