Keywords - Conservation in the UK

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Created by rache11ouise over 5 years ago
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Keywords - Conservation in the UK
1 NGOs
1.1 Non-Governmental Organisations
2 Ecotourism
2.1 Tourism intended to have a low environmental impact
3 Plagioclimax
3.1 A community of species that does not develop to a natural climax but is maintained by external influences including human activities
4 Natural England
4.1 The UK governmental organisation with responsibility for the conservation of wildlife and the landscape
5 Natura 2000
5.1 A network of protected sites in the EU that combine the SPAs and SACs set up under the birds and habitat directives
6 Species Recovery Programme
6.1 UK programme to help increase the numbers of some endangered species
7 Greenpeace
7.1 An environmental pressure group
8 FoE
8.1 Friends of the Earth is an environmental pressure group
9 National Trust
9.1 A UK charity that conserves historic buildings and important landscapes and habitats
10 WWF
10.1 World Wide Fund for Nature is an environmental campaigning and pressure group
11 Forestry Commission
11.1 The UK governmental forestry organisation which manages research commercial timber production, learning and leisure
12 BAP
12.1 Biodiversity Action Plan
13 Rio Summit
13.1 An alternative name for the Convention on Biological Diversity 1992
14 Biodiversity
14.1 A measure of the variety and abundance of wildlife species
15.1 Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs
16 LNRs
16.1 Local Nature Reserves
17 National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act
17.1 The UK law that enabled the establishment of National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and many public rights of way

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