Chamonix: Geography Case Study [Unfinished]


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Chamonix: Geography Case Study [Unfinished]
  1. Position
    1. North West part of French Alps
      1. At the foot of
        1. Mont Blanc
          1. Tourism
            1. Income & Work
      2. Impacts of tourism
        1. Economic
          1. Thriving Economy
            1. Tourism all year round: demand for services (provides jobs)
              1. Guide and Instructor Employment
                1. Construction and Maintenance jobs
            2. Shops and restaurants are tourist orientated (expensive for locals)
            3. Environmental
              1. Fragile Glacial Environment
                1. Water needed for domestic use
                  1. Noise of machinery scares wildlife
                    1. Forest clearing for ski slopes erodes soil
                      1. Air/Noise Pollution
                        1. Increased avalanche risk
                          1. Increase in energy use
                            1. [SOCIAL LINK]
                              1. In 1999, 12 were killed
                2. Social
                  1. Young people stay because of jobs
                    1. Improved services and transport links
                      1. Well lit streets (safer)
                        1. Clean and well maintained
                    2. Traditional way of life gone (people working in other areas of work)
                      1. Social make up changing
                        1. Many seasonal workers (2500)
                          1. Houses expensive
                            1. Conflict between groups of people
                    3. Responsible Tourism
                      1. Integrated Tourism
                        1. Educates and involves visitors and locals
                          1. About protection of
                            1. The alpine environment
                        2. Avalanche barriers
                          1. Avalanche awareness
                            1. Daily updates
                              1. Tourists aware of risks
                                1. Less likely to be killed
                            2. Free public transport
                              1. Reduces traffic
                                1. And CO2 emmisions
                                2. Low Emision Buses
                                  1. Reduces CO2
                                    1. Reduces Ozone layer damage
                                3. Solar Panels
                                  1. Heat Water
                                    1. Reduce energy use
                                  2. Supporting Local Traditions
                                    1. Maintaining rivers
                                      1. Paths
                                        1. And planting trees
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