Plant Minerals

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Biology GCSE Plant Minerals, technically for OCR Gateway but it may apply to you too.

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Plant Minerals
1 Active Transport
1.1 Against concentration gradient
1.2 Requires energy
1.2.1 From respiration in ATP
1.3 Carrier protein
2 Nitrogen
2.1 Why is it needed?
2.1.1 Amino acids
2.2 Deficiency symptom
2.2.1 Poor plant growth
2.2.2 Yellow leaves
3 Phosphorous
3.1 Why is it needed?
3.1.1 To make ATP For respiration
3.1.2 To make DNA
3.1.3 To make molecules in the cell membrane
3.2 Deficiency symptom
3.2.1 Poor root growth
3.2.2 Purple leaves
3.2.3 Stunted plant
4 Potassium
4.1 Why is it needed?
4.1.1 Enzymes Involved in respt and photosynthesis
4.2 Deficiency symptom
4.2.1 Poor flower and fruit growth
4.2.2 Yellowed leaves with brown spots
5 Magnesium
5.1 Why is it needed?
5.1.1 Chlorophyll For photosynthesis
5.2 Deficiency Symptoms
5.2.1 Yellow leaves Esp lower leaves
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