Culinary Terms

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GCSE culinary terms True and False Mind Map on Culinary Terms, created by jane stainer on 05/17/2013.

jane stainer
Created by jane stainer over 6 years ago
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Culinary Terms
1 sauté
1.1 Tossed in hot fat e.g. sauté potatoes
2 roux
2.1 A mixture of fat and flour used as a basis for a sauce
3 reduce
3.1 To concentrate a liquid by boiling or simmering
4 purée
4.1 A smooth mixture made from food passed through a sieve or liquidised in a food processor
5 mise-en-place
5.1 Literally ‘put in place’ i.e. preparation either before starting to cook or before serving
6 marinade
6.1 A richly spiced liquid used to give flavour to and help tenderise meat and fish
7 julienne
7.1 Thin, matchstick–size strips of vegetables
8 garnish
8.1 A savoury decoration for food, trimmings served with a main item
9 flambé
9.1 To cook with flame by ‘burning’ away alcohol e.g. crepes suzette
10 entrée
10.1 A meat dish usually served as a main course
11 en croute
11.1 In pastry e.g. salmon en croute
12 coulis
12.1 Sauce made of fruit or vegetable puree

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