Slave Trade

Daniel Brener
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IGCSE Edexcel History (Mothballed Work Year 9) Mind Map on Slave Trade, created by Daniel Brener on 05/18/2013.

Daniel Brener
Created by Daniel Brener over 6 years ago
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Slave Trade
1 System
1.1 Slave Trade Triangle
1.1.1 the middle passage
1.1.2 Africa Americas Europe/Britain
1.2 Slave Traders would pay African Kings in weapons, for slaves
1.3 Slave Traders would sell the slaves to plantation owners in America and then take on goods from the plantations for Britain
1.4 goods and some slaves sold in Europe/Britain
1.5 ships go back to Africa carrying weapons for the African Kings
2 Abolition
2.1 William Wilberforce
2.1.1 campaigned for the abolition of slavery in parliament
2.2 Oludauh Equiano
2.2.1 wrote an autobiography including his life as a slave
2.2.2 member of the Sons of Africa
2.2.3 campaigned against slavery
2.3 Granville Sharpe

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