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Arguments, christian and general, for and against legalising euthanasia

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1 For legalising
1.1 People have the right to choose, and the right to autonomy up to and including death
1.2 Euthanasia provides a quick, humane release from suffering
1.3 Death is easier to face if it will be painless and dignified
1.4 Advance decisions can remove future anxiety
1.5 The suffering of relatives is lessened
1.6 Doctors need not fear prosecution for carrying out euthanasia
2 Against legalising
2.1 It is unnecessary due to the great advances in palliative care in hospices and by Macmillan nurses
2.2 If the patient is unable to communicate we do not know if they want to die
2.3 We cannot know how we will feel about things in the future
2.4 The weeks and months leading up to the death of a loved one are as important for relatives to offer each other support and starting to adapt to that person not always being there
2.5 There could be a slippery slope that could lead to a situation similar to the nazis, putting people to death as they saw fit, without consent
2.6 Mistakes might be made
3.1 Life is sacred and God-given. Only God has the right to take it
3.2 Euthanasia shows lack of trust in God's love and mercy
3.3 God gave humans the right to make decisions but there is a limit. To take life in this way is to play God.
3.4 It breaks the 6th commandment - do not kill
3.5 The weak and vunerable who can't speak for themselves deserve special protection
4.1 Life is sacred, but not absolutely.Quality of life is also important
4.2 Terrible suffering and loss of dignity are not what God wants for people
4.3 God gave humans domination over creation and entrusted them with resposible decision making through life
4.4 God created humans with the capacity of choice. They make decisions all the way through life and should be able to at death

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