Dissertation Topic Ideas

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Dissertation Topic Ideas

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Dissertation Topic Ideas
1 Women in Leadership
1.1 Female faculty who have transitioned to Administration
1.1.1 First year of transitoin
1.1.2 phenomenology
1.1.3 What previous experiences helped prepare female university administrator for the first year of their positions?
1.1.4 The central phenomenon is the first year transition experience of female faculty have as they move into university administration
1.1.5 How did experiences within their first year of their positions influence female university administrator’s leadership approach?
1.1.6 Challenged encountered within the first year
1.1.7 how has position effected leadership style
2 First Year students
2.1 STEM
2.1.1 Rural students Perceptions vs. Reality of first year Retention initatives University vs. College led initatives Recruitment What made Rural students interested in STEM field 2+2 programs in NE (UNK) Specifically Engineering Phenomenology Academics Admitted with Deficiencies success rate perceived success
2.1.2 How do Alumni find purpose?
3 Engineering
3.1 first-year engineering students perceptions of what engineering is
3.2 Learning Communities
3.2.1 impact on perception of what engineering is
3.2.2 traditional housing vs. suite style housing
3.3 Retention?
3.3.1 why do students who have earned professional admission decide to change their major?
3.4 students who transfer from UNO location to UNL location
3.5 Retention initiatives
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