A Brief About 100 HP Air Compressor

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Air compressors find several uses in commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Read on to know what a 100 HP Air compressor is and how it helps.

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Air compressors have become quite popular in the recent years. These compressors convert power into potential energy, which is created through the use of air. The air is forced into a smaller volume, which increases pressure and the air itself can be stored while it remains pressurized. Air compressors can be found in a variety of applications, from gas cylinders filling to supply of clean air to surface supplied diver. They are also used for supplying large amount of power to jack hammers and other pneumatic tools and for doing something as simple as filling tires. Air compressors, particularly, 100 HP Air compressors are used for producing large volumes of moderate pressure air for large scale industrial processes. These compressors can come in electric or gas/diesel powered compressors, are measured in horsepower, have either rotary vane, rotary screw or reciprocating piston type.100 HP Air compressors in particular are used for industrial and commercial applications. They can be purchased for powering air tools, which are generally faster and lighter than traditional power tools. They can also be purchased in portable designs which allow one to power automotive and air tools. While purchasing these air compressors, there are a few things that a buyer should keep into consideration, such as the portability of the product- some of the air compressors are stationery and others are portable. Similarly, they are also available with unique power source, electric or gas powered and have performance ratings in horsepower. It is recommended that based on your requirements, you look for a no tank, small tank or a large tank. Remember to keep pump type into consideration as well and whether the product provides continuous operation, single or two stage operation, start-stop operation, oil-lubricated and oil-free operation.While electric compressors are a good choice, since they don’t emit fumes, they might not be the most feasible option when you are buying 100 HP air compressor. That’s because of the fact that these compressors have high output value, which might not be dealt by electricity. Used primarily by builders and re-modellers, these compressors are convenient, but they emit exhaust and should, therefore be operated only outdoors or in well ventilated areas.Keep performance rating into focus as well! The horsepower of compressor (in this case 100 HP), will give you a relative sense of the model’s power and the SCFM rating accordingly will tell you if the model is ideal enough to power your tools and if the motor can match your requirements. Since these air compressors are large, you can buy them with additional features as well, such as air cooling system, which extends motor life, thermal overload switch, ASME Certification, which indicates material and craftsmanship along with roll cage or other features. Keep safety in mind while purchasing and operating a good 100 HP Air compressor.

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