Ideas In Her First Ball

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The Fat Man: Fat Tatty Old Negative These stereotypes are often seen as negative stereotypes. When someone mentions fat or tatty they generally think negative connotations.

The contrast between Leila and The Fat Man are obvious: Fat and Skinny Old and Young Negative and Positive Tatty and Beautiful Experience and No Experience

And yet they are almost similar. They have a parallel that they are out of place. They are outsiders, strangers to everyone else at the party.

While the fat man may be giving off a negative vibe, it could be possible that he is giving off other messages that are not mentioned.

He could be there to display the fact that you are never too old to do what you enjoy. He is there doing what he wants to do - have fun, dance etc. Even though he is 30 years older than practically everybody else there, he is still on the dance floor dancing and having a good time when he should be on the stage with the other adults.

When Leila was unsure of what she was doing, Leila didn't think back to her parents or friends, she thought back to her farm.

This is because of her feeling of environment comfort


Contrast yet parallel

Contradictory messages

Leilas Farm

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