Joseph Lister and Important Dates

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Joseph Lister Turned Surgery into a science rather than butchery Made connection that the germs that were infecting his patients were coming from the dirty hands of doctors. Researched Gangrene CAME UP WITH THE IDEA OF CARBOLIC ACID BEING USED TO CLEAN HANDS AND SURGICAL TOOLS. (came up with idea when a friend said that the place Lister was working in smelt like sewage as sewage was treated with carbolic acid. Lister went on to use sterilized tools (sterilized by carbolic acid) on a young boy while he was having an operation, the boy survived. Lister's doctors didn't like using the carbolic acid as it cracked the skin Lister also went to London and trained young surgeons and covered them so that they would keep everything clean and germ free.

1847= Edwin Chadwick's public health act & Simpson uses chloroform (D=4 G=7 Dan and Gavin (from Gavin and Stacy) 18 years old) 1848= John Snow links drinking water to cholera (D=4 H=8 Dan and Hannah 18 years old) 1854= Nightingale arrives at Scutari (E= 5 D=4 Engelbert  Humperdinck and Dan 18 years old) 1864= Elizabeth Garrett Anderson becomes doctor (6= S 4= D Simone and Dan 18 years old) 1867= Pasteur's Germ Theory & Lister Uses Carbolic Spray (6=S 7= G Simone and Gavin 18 years old) 1874= London school of medicine for women founded (7=G  4=D Garret and Dan 18 years old) 1875= Koch identifies Anthrax bacterium (7=G 5= E Garret and Eliot 18 years old) 1877= Chamberland's mistake (7=G Garret and Gavin 18 years old) 1879= Pasteur Coins term 'vaccine' (7=G 9=N Garret and Natalie 18 years old) 1895= Wilhelm Röntgen discovers x- rays (9=N 5=E Natalie and Eliot 18 years old) 1898= Curie Discovers Radium (9=N 8=H Natalie and Hannah 18 years old) 1900= 64,000 trained nurses in GB (0= O Oliver and Oliver 19 years old) 1905= Paul Ehrlich develops Salvarsan 606 (0=O 5=E Oliver and Eliot 19 years old) 1909= Old Age Pensions Act (0= O 9= N Oliver and Natalie 19 years old) 1928= Fleming "discovers" Penicillin (2= B 8=H Brandon and Hannah 19 years old) 1935= Gerhard Domagk uses Pronosil on daughter (3= C 5=E Christian and Hannah 19 years old) 1940= Florey and Chain try out Penicillin (4= D 0= O Dan and Oliver 19 years old) 1941= Beveridge Report (4= D 1= A Dan and Anabeth 19 years old)


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Joseph Lister

Important Dates