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first word is manCalypso holding ody captiveall god took pity except Poseidonodysseus trap by daughter of atlas  poseidon angry of odysseus blinding son zeus and athenia agreed help odyathena see telemachus prince, son of odysseus talk about wherabouts of ody and how tele sad if his death, though he isn't native island ithaca athena tells him to question king nestor at pylos, go sparta bring menelaus back and if heard ody alive brave 1 year not then return land build burrialblame zeus for current situation tell suitors to leave kingdom or else vengeance will fall upon, they feel pity on him teles troubles are mange suitors, king's estate, and decision that falls on a hero Chapter 2 Fill with rage delivering his speech suitors are being blame but they think is the queen/ mother of telessuitors weave web / torment , consider sending their mother out of kingdom, antinious spoke for suitors teles reply he can't, tell suitors to leave if want or continue leeching off his stuff, curse them by zeus  Teles is still raging about have a rage king and hating everyone suitors mock teles and antinous is a friend suitor athena gather crew for ship teles only told his old nurse of his plan to set sail of goChapter 3  plylos sacrafice black bulls to posideon teles feel shy speak to king nestorgo life story of what happen in battle of troy, he made it back without knowing what happen to odybelieve god has last them telesaegisthus kill his father agamemnon wise ppl dont lie consider to travel by chariot and athena reveal as an eagle to show them a god was with them all alongprepare feast for teles and prep him to go to sparta in morning along with nestor son's Chapter 4King of sparta welcomed prince teles and nestor son pisistraus spoke low voice how menelaus palace might rival to Zeus but men overheard and say he can'tMene feel sadness of his wealth from death of brother While everyone grieve for teles speech of ody heroics Helen slip a drug in their cups, that no matter what u wont cry for the entire day, drug from egypt polydamna wife of thon, egypt men are healerseidothea daughter of proteus, helped mene when out at seaproteus of egypt prevent him to sail back hometo return mene must get 3 other ppl and hold him down, once he ask questions, u ask questions, the never liesreason why their no easy voyage is they didn't offer sacrifice to zeus and other immortalsantinous plan on ambushing teles, a suitor penelope is teles mother/ queen of itchaes   


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