All the Little Loved Ones

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Notes for writing critical essays on "All the Little Loved Ones" by Dilys Rose.

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BenefitsBy not using names, Rose protects her speaker with the veil of anonymity. This means her speaker is more open with the audience as she does not have to fear hurting her family. The text is written as if to an agony aunt in a magazine. An anonymous outpouring.

DisadvantagesA lack of names means there is no personal connection. As the story could be written about anyone, it is hard for the reader to develop a specific connection with the speaker.

Why?A possible reason Rose does not give her characters names is so that the text is relevant to all of us. As it could apply to anyone, it cannot be brushed of as a special case. It has no specific race, class or person so must apply to all of us.

There is no direct speech or punctuation indicating speech at any point during the next despite the husband asking the speaker questions. This leads to much of the dialogue being lost in the many other chores the speaker is handling such as preparing dinner or running after the kids. This is indicative of how the couple communicate and of the state of their marriage. They cannot find time to set aside and talk properly, they talk while trying to do other tasks. This means there is no chance for in depth discussion as everything is rushed. This indicates that they cannot take time out for each other and are unlikely to have time for a physical relationship with each other. This shows their marriage may be in trouble. 

Use of Names

No Speech

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