Light Independent Reaction

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A2 Biology (Photosynthesis) Note on Light Independent Reaction, created by Matty Hudson on 03/09/2014.

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ATP & reduced NADP used to reduce C02 

Despite its name, its still needs the products from LDR so if no light was available, the LIR would also eventualy stop due to no ATP or NADP being received form the LDR

Takes place in stroma of chloroplast

C02 diffuses into stomata, and then dissolves in water. it then diffuses into the stroma though the cytoplasm

The C02 combines with RuBP (5 C molecule) to make a 6 C molecule (RuBisCo)

The 6 C molecule then splits into 2 glycerate 3-Phosphate (3 carbon)

ATP & reduced NADP from LDR are used to reduce the glycerate 3-phosphate into triose phosphate 

NADP is reformed and is sent back to LDR to be reduced again by accepting a H

Some of the triose is converted to useful organic substances (e.g. glucose)

Most of the triose phosphate are used to regenerate RuBP using ATP from the LDR

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