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KPEbasicscomponents of health: social, mental, physical, environmental, emotional, spiritual.psychological: mental, emotional, spiritual4 domains of spirituality: interconnectedness, mindfulness, community, everyday life.enabling factors: abilities and skillsreinforcing factors: supports/friendspredisposing factors: sex, race, income.All of the Above factors influence behavior change.suicide is 2nd leading cause of death in Canada.Anxiety disorder. Types: panic disorder, OCD, GA, phobias, social anxiety...physical health.components of physical fitness -health- : cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition. (5)performance: speed, agility, balance, power, reaction time.Workouts- frequency, intensity, time and type.strength: 6-12 repsEndurance: 12-20 repsMajor muscle groups: -core (abs)- legs & butt- Arms (biceps. triceps)- Back (lats)pulling-shoulders-chest (-push-ups)Drink water when exercising in heat. (and cold)stretching: yoga, tai-chi pilatesNutrition.Breakfast- good break needs 3 dif. food groups.Hunger: physiological need to eat. Appetite: psychological desire to eatNutrients- 6 nutrients: vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, h20.AMDR: 15%protein, 30%fats, 55%carbohydrateswomen water DRI: 2.2 liters (19-50)males: 3 liters (19-50)Protein main function: muscle/tissue growth and repairCarbohydrates circulate as glucose in body. = energyDo not limit or over consume calories and carbohydrates. Stress. stressor: something that is causing stress. sourcemanaging emotional responses: laugh, cry, manage social interactions, support group(s). Regard life different, fluid, +ve self talk, consider alternatives etc...learn time management- prioritize, schedulereward efficiency alternatives: massage, deep breathing, visualization, meditationEustress: positive stress -marriageDistress: negative stress -bad situation, fight, illnessAdaption response: alarm, resistance, exhaustion.

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