RS: Unit B603 - Christian beliefs about Sexual Relationships

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Notes on Christian beliefs about Sexual Relationships from my exercise book.

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Unit B603: Christianity and Human RelationshipsChristian beliefs about Sexual Relationships

Key Words:Adultery - a sexual relationship with someone other than the marriage partnerAgape - Christian loveArtificial contraception - use of something man-made to prevent contraceptionCelibate - choosing to not have sexFidelity - faithfulness to your marriage partnerFornication - sex before marriage or outside marriageHeterosexual - having a partner of the opposite sexHomosexual - one who chooses a partner of the same sexMarriage - a legally bounding contract between a man and a womanMonogamy - having one marriage partnerNatural Contraception - use of rhythm method to prevent conceptionPermissive - accepting or following an immoral lifestylePolygamy - having more then one marriage partnerPromiscuity - having many sexual relationships without commitmentPre-marital Sex - sex before marriageReconciliation - to get back together after sorting out problemsSacrament - something made by God that cannot be dissolvedFaithfulness - remaining committed to your partner

Key:What most Christians consider to be badWhat most Christians consider to be good

Christians believe sex is:- For Procreation within a marriage- An expression of love within a marriage- Designed to unite a man and a woman within a marriage- A gift from God- Cementing a marriageChristians believe sex is a gift from God for two people to express their love within marriage.Some Christians accept cohabitation (a couple living together without being married) and pre-marital sex if the couple love on another, and are committed and intend to marry.Christians believe that adultery is wrong because of the 7th commandment "Do not commit adultery".Sex before marriage has become more common because:- Use of contraception- Legalisation of abortion- Fewer expectations for partners to be virgins when marrying- Fewer people follow Christian teachings about sex outside of marriage being a sin

Practise Exam Questions:Explain the difference between pre-marital sex and extra-marital sex?Explain why many Christians are opposed to all sex before marriage?Why is more sex taking place outside of marriage and explain some of the possible consequences?Explain different attitudes Christians have towards sex outside marriage?

Consequences:- Increase in the amount of STIs (Sexually transmitted Infections) e.g. herpes, AIDS and gonorrhoea- Unwanted and unplanned pregnancy- Thousands of marriages failing due to adultery

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