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emz and mylo
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GCSE heathield Note on spanish, french and r.s, created by emz and mylo on 05/08/2013.

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emz and mylo
Created by emz and mylo almost 6 years ago
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emz and mylo
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emz and mylo
emz and mylo
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emz and mylo
emz and mylo
emz and mylo
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emz and mylo
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letterihola! mi llamo Emma. Tengo doce anos. vivo en grove. groves es  en le sur este de ingleterra y es una aldea. vivo con mi madre, mi padre y mi padrino. no tengo hermanos. tengo un coballo que see llama linford. linford es naranja y tiene quince anos. donde vives? como te llamas? que tal? ifatal! mi cumpleanos es el 27 de mayo. cuando es tu cumpleanos? en clase mi gusta geografia y matematicas. no mi gusta ingles y religion. la professora de espanol es simpatica y divertida. me comida favourita es una pizza y una pasta.     hasta la vista emma 

anthropophagy- eating of human flesh

je dois mangeri have to dois participer en classei have to participate in classje veux manger chocolatei want to eat chocolateje peux parler en francaisi can speak in frenchje voudrais gagneri would like to winje n'aime pas parler francaisi dont like speaking french

tensespresent tenseje danse- i danceje danse tous le jours- i dance every dayi am going- je vaisperfect tensei ate- j'ai mangei have eaten- j'ai mangejouer-joue/\-joue       all 'e's at the end of the word have an accent 

i visited- j'ai visitei bought- j'ai achetei played- j'ai jouei watched- j'ai regardei admited- j'ai admirei met- j'ai recontrei sent- j'ai envoyei spent a week- j'ai passe un semainei won- j'ai gagne

je n'ai pas achete un presenti didnt buy a presentje n'ai jamais regarde le feu de artiface i have never watched fireworks.

on a bu- we drunkon a visite- we visited

miercoles 15 de mayo     articulesthe/a table        una mesa    la mesa      this is an article.nounthe/a book        un libro      el libro  nounthe/some tables         las mesas       unas mesaspluralthe/some books         los libros        unos librospluralwindow una ventana        la ventana      unas ventanasdoor    la puerta una puerta  unas puertaschair    la silla     una silla      unas sillaspencil case   el estuche   un estuche unos estuchespen      un boli      el boli    unos bolispencil sharpener     un sacapuntas    el sacapuntas    unos sacapuntas purse       el monerdero    un monedero    uno modernosdictionary  el dicionario  un dicionario unos dicionario

muhamed- muhameds problems: mekkah becomes a place where travellers come to worship gods and idols.they have lost sight of 'one god' mohamed gets angry and is then forced out of the citymekka has lots of crime llike prostitution and mugging. mohamed makes his own very strict comunity and calls it medina.women are treated badly. mohamed eaches the women to have rightslots of people are slaves. mohamed reminds people that no one has the right to own anyone.leaders are taking money from prisinors who dont want to go to prison. mohamed doesnt spend money selfishly do honest people givehim money which he gives to people in  need.

pillars of islam

translationelle porte chaussures rouge. she wears red shoeselle est casse-pieds- she is annoyingelles s'entendent bien- she gets along wellma melleure amie a gagne la concours- my best friend won the competition.j'ai pais des photos- i took pictures

je suis alle a paris :)j'ai visite la mussee :) j'ai achete la souveniers :)j'ai suis arrive a neurf heures :)j'ai ecoute de la musique :)souvent :) quelquefrois :)parce que