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GCSE heathield (the big 5) Note on maths, science, history, english and geography notes, created by emz and mylo on 05/01/2013.

emz and mylo
Created by emz and mylo over 6 years ago
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lmc + hcf   HCF- largest number both numbers will divide into.LMC- smallest nnumber that appears in both times tables. find both by using prime factorshcf of 56 and 70=14 1. do factor tree2. multiply all the prime factors3. multiply prime factors they have in common4.answer = 14      use prime factors u havent used in hcf  times them all  then times the answer of hcf answer=280

imperial units  1 inch - 2.5cm   1 yard - just less than 1 metre   1 mile- 1.6 km   1kg-2.2lb  1 pint -0.6 litre   1 gallon - 4.5 litres  convert kg to pounds   to convert kg to lbs u times by 2.2convert cm to inchesto convert cm to inches you times by 2.5

in exam- comprehension- ways different writers write- creative writing- spelling- nouns, verbs, adjectives  TEACHERS WANT US TO PASS           REMEMBER 

pressurepressure=force/area=n/m2 if you keep the size of the force the same......    small area = pressure high.   big area = pressure low.

inventorsthomas newcomen:thomas newcomen lived from 1664 to 1729. he invented the first practical steam engine for water. it was the called the newcomen steam engine. he invented it because where he lived it flooded very often.richard trevithikrichard trevithik lived from 1771 and 1833. he was the first person to use a steam engine to pull wagons. he made this as he wanted to use it on wooden rails instead of roads. his invention was stopped when it stephensonhe lived from 1781 to 1848. he invented the first inter city railway. he made ths so people could travel between cities more quickly.robert stephensonrobert stephenson lived from 1803 to 1859. he invented the rocket which was a fast train which when 36mph. he did this because he entered it in a competition.


map skillsco-ordinates- you go along the corridor then up the stairs.